Plastic Jewelry and Stainless Steel Jewelry Fashion Trends

When it comes to affordable materials used in making wearable accessories, plastics and stainless steel rank high on the list. Some may raise their eyebrows when the words “plastic” and “fashion” are use in the same word but just like the history of industrial metals like stainless steel and tungsten, the synthetic polymer might just have something to deliver.

Stainless steel jewelry fashion trends have been dominating the affordable accessories market for the past decade. Designers feel in love with this metal due to its unique characteristics which makes it such a great material in creating a variety of designs, ranging from high-end pieces to more casual accessories. But today, plastic is creating a buzz in the fashion world as top designers and brands have just flooded the market with colorful pieces made of this material.

In the past, it was rather rare for plastic jewelry to get on the fashion scene but collections of bangles bracelets, brooches and earrings can now be spotted in the collections of retro accessories that is taking the attention of many customers. The synthetic polymer has also been spotted in the pages of various fashion magazines, giving rise to the question: does stainless steel jewelry have competition to the affordable yet edgy accessories niche of the industry?

One of the best things that brought forth to the current stainless steel jewelry fashion trend is the materials design flexibility and affordability. Also, it is highly durable and has resistance to corrosion that can rival inert precious metals. Comparing a metal alloy to a synthetic resin might be a bit of a stretch for many but in the fashion world, a material’s characteristics can influence a lot of things for a designer who is looking for something new. Forward has always been the direction of trends in fashion: retro might have a comeback but there is always something added to make it edgy for the contemporary sense of style.

For the sake of argument and comparison, plastic jewelry does have a fighting chance to get toe to toe with the dominance of stainless steel jewelry fashion trend today. It is affordable and also easy to use in designing pieces. Being a non-metal material, it can withstand environments which can be corrosive to metal jewelry and some types of plastic have even been treated to be heat-resistant. Durability wise, there are synthetic polymers that are lightweight yet able to keep up with aggressive activities.

It seems, it all goes down to consumers’ interest and designers’ creativity whether one material will dominate the other. Stainless steel jewelry fashion trends have a head start but if more plastic pieces get into the market, its status as a go-to affordable material might get threatened. Or the trend can also go both ways for the two materials and flourish under the same fashion arena. With the prices of precious metals and gems still on the rise, who is to say that plastics and stainless steel are not the fashion-forward materials everybody has been waiting for?

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Wholesale Fashion Jewelry – The Rock in a Changing Fashion World

The progression of fashion seems to have evolved from cultured mystique to common place over the last fifty years. The couture houses that fit clients into one of a kind apparel have all but disappeared. The days before television when department stores introduced local communities to Paris’ latest designs are gone. Fashion has been a spiral downward towards casual apparel that has lost its flair. Teri Agins details the loss of fashion’s magic in her book, The End of Fashion.

While apparel reduces to ready-to-wear with several of a kind hanging on the racks, jewelry continues its unique march of individualism. Designers, small and large, provide statement pieces that fill the void for uniqueness and wholesale houses offer flair that apparel seems to have lost. Major retailers respond to consumers’ attraction for special individualism by dedicating more floor space to accessories. Boutiques and small retailers flourish on the desire for wearable art.

Wholesale jewelry is at the heart of these retailers’ businesses. It provides a rock in fashion not only because it fills the void for something individually special but also because the evolution of styles rises and falls over a period of several years.

Classic trends entered the fashion arena in the early 21st century. Classic implies retro and the fingerprint is clearly on the development in several fields of everyday life. How many cars do you see that look like 30s sedans, fifties sports cars, or the Mustang of the sixties?

Sunglasses went retro with Jackie O looks followed by the seventies and eighties styles of Ted Lapidus. The wayfarers are back from the sixties and hats made a comeback that included ivy caps, newsboys, and cloches from the twenties. Belts returned with the waisted silhouettes so popular in the forties, fifties, and sixties. The list goes on, but wholesale jewelry is the focus of this discussion because it stabilizes fashion with beauty that accessorizes and pulls looks into a current that defines today.

Think about gemstone jewelry. In the nineties this was a niche market that had little impact on mainstream fashion. Today it graces the showcases of nearly very major department store and covers the pages of fashion magazines. It didn’t start this year. No, it has steadily developed over the last few years with more unusual semi precious stones entering designs and endless creations providing new expressions.

Will it continue? Undoubtedly! Gemstone jewelry is at the heart of classic fashion and entrenched in the trend. Trends are long term. Many new directions pop up every season in fashion and wholesale jewelry. Some are fads that are short lived; some are a flash in the pan that go nowhere; but trends cover more than one field and rise and fall over a long period-often a decade. Gemstone is a major part of the wholesale jewelry that defies this present trend and will continue next season and most likely several more.

This is the stability that accessories give to fashion. Oversize handbags! How many seasons have we seen them? Belts, patent leather, and oversize sunglasses also continue their long march.

Yes, every season brings some changes to accessories, but they are modifications and color adjustments to the prevailing trends. While gemstone reaches its pinnacle in wholesale jewelry, something quietly brews below the radar that will be the next trend. But there is plenty of time to prepare for that because, remember, jewelry trends rise and fall over a long period as they provide stability to fashion. And everything from cottage shop designers to major wholesalers flourishes on the surprise of new creations with beauty that takes the breath of consumers as the trend rolls on.

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Leather Blazers: A True Fashion Essential

Leather blazers will always remain the attire that helps create a style statement. If you really want to create an impression, this attire truly helps make you look fabulously distinct and makes you stand out from the colossal crowd. They have been in the fashion scene for a long time now. In fact the blazer style has truly evolved over the years. It has now struck a chord with both men and women and you will definitely find a leather blazer in the wish list of every true leather enthusiast.

Leather blazers are available in a variety of styles these days. They are designed keeping the current trends in mind. When teamed up properly, it can make you look supremely stylish and voguish. You can always don a combination of a stylish blazer and smart denims. There are also a lot of colors that you can experiment with. Colors like brown and red are just a few options. Gone are the days when a quintessential lather blazer was plain and bland, the new variants in the market are supremely high on style and comfort quotient. The softest form of leather is lambskin. Lambskin blazer would have a very soft texture that would literally give a very soft feel to your body. Lambskin leather are worn by a lot people and is also very much in demand. They impart a very refined and elegant look to your appearance.

The combination of leather blazers and leather accessories are truly worth experimenting. It is sure to make you look impressively striking. Even leather accessories complement the blazers look really well. Even cowhide leather are really apt if you want something durable and rugged. You can always spruce up your office going look by donning a smart leather blazer which probably has a notch collar and team it up with formal pants and a shirt inside. An office presentation round the corner or a small corporate soiree, a chic looking leather blazer will always enhance your look to the hilt. There are a variety of trendsetting creations thronging the fashion arena.

Leather blazers are also of great use during winters. It protects you from the harsh weather. Also if you are planning for a biking excursion, donning chic looking leather blazer is going to enhance your stylish appearance. A biking excursion is truly incomplete without a leather outfit; its rugged style makes it a true fashion essential.

What’s important is that you choose correctly and create a positive impression wherever you go. There can nothing as utilitarian as leather, thereby having this in your closet is definitely a must. A part of the fashion arena for years, this chic looking attire has definitely struck a chord with leather enthusiasts across the board.

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Fashion Fervour

Even as engineering and medical courses remain popular among a large number of young people, in sync with changing times a career in fashion designing is also coveted by many who seek to be different. A degree in fashion designing allows one to understand the basics of fashion entailing cuts, shapes, colours, fabrics, textiles and much more. This helps one to gain a holistic understanding of how a particular design or a look can set the fashion arena on fire or fall flat on its face. This course offered by many a top fashion design institute across the country has produced some of the best brains in the business and continues to foster talents who are making a mark in areas more than one. A career in this field is for one who has a passion for creativity, style and originality and wishes to rock the world of global fashion.

While glamour, fame and a lucrative pay package are a part of the deal, the other facet of this highly challenging industry is that one must be ready to slog till one drops. The hours are regular and also way beyond it for it is a creative arena, so how can one call it a day till one is satisfied with what one has produced. A few skills that come in handy are:

A good eye for hues, texture, shape and trends
A basic understanding of the nature of different fabrics and how best they can be put to use
Though there will be team of skilled tailors, one must have
Working knowledge of pattern making and sewing
More than good drawing skills for one will have to express the designs conceived through rough sketches
It is also about being tech savvy for one must have the ability to use software design packages to fine tune one’s creations
Good communication skills to understand what a client wants
Finally, one must be ready to work as part of a team.

While this industry promises recognition and a chance to brush shoulders with celebrities, the day to day work schedule could be a tad daunting. Yes, the work is endless, especially when one has to constantly innovate and surprise. One cannot afford to switch off completely lest one loses track of the latest trends and a contemporary designer beats one to that. The not so glamorous aspects of the job are:

Reading up or surfing the Net for the latest trends in fashion, both in the country as well as worldwide
Wracking one’s brains to hit on something truly inspiring and sketching the same on a sheet of paper
Taking a call and zeroing in on the right fabric and colour
Working on the basic shapes through patterns
Getting the rough design in place and checking out the same on a model or a mannequin
Coordinating with the team to get the final design on the chosen fabric
Making time for clients to understand what they love.

Exciting and adventurous this field surely is and there is also no end to how much one can make at the end of the day. One of the best ways to foray into this arena is to go for a course offered by an established fashion design institute where one can pick up the tricks of the trade. For a promising career in fashion designing, opt for programmes that combine the best in conceptual knowledge with real world application and focus on imparting job specific skills, knowledge and attitude to enhance productivity.

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